Crochet Basket

2014-08-03 13.28.41

I recently inherited a rather large stash of yarn from my late grandmother.  She was a life long knitter and crocheter and I definitely inherited my love of all things fiber from her.  The yarn is quite a mishmash of weights and colors and fibers, ther ere are even some UFOs in there!

I found some SOFTelle plus, acrylic/cotton blend yarn. An interesting blue/white twist.  Grandma even got it on sale!! Twenty-five cents a skein!! After doing a bit of research, I learned this yarn was made in the USA by a company called Yarn Industries, Inc.  They were dissolved in January, 1990.  My yarn is at least 24 years old!  Goodness!

2014-09-08 19.25.30

Looking for something to do with this fun yarn, I found a pattern for a Diamond Trellis Basket,  perfect way to use up some yarn, and practical as well.  Booyah!!

It’s a great pattern, you can easily scale it up or down, depending on the size basket you want to make and/or how much yarn you have.  It is a little tiring to work on, holding 3 strands together and using a smallish hook will definitely put a strain on your hook hand.  So worth it though.  Once I got the hang of the pattern, it went very quickly and I love the result.

2014-08-03 12.16.19