Maine Yarn

I love shopping for yarn, I mean really, who doesn’t? I am also a firm believer in supporting both local yarn shops and local fiber artists.  So if I can combine a local yarn shop with some funky handspun yarn, Awesomenesssss!

Recently I had the opportunity to indulge my yarn obsession when we took a  two week RV trip down the coast of Maine.  There are sheep in Maine, which means there are local yarns in Maine.  I popped into a lovely yarn store in Lubec, Maine called Wags and Wool.  Now I am a certified cat person, (I know, yarn and cats, never a good mix), but how can one resist the lure of the Easternmost yarn shop in the United States?  Not me.  We popped in and were greeted by a rather large and furry friend.  Now the store is definitely geared more towards the knitter, but than again, I still haven’t found a crochet oriented yarn shop yet (maybe I should open one), but once you start talking yarn, its all the same language!  In addition to a very nice selection of yarn, they also offer dog and cat toys, since we had 2 furry kittens waiting for us back at the camper we couldn’t leave without picking out a couple of furry cat toys.  They also offer a selection of knitted items for sale, hubby was happy to pick up a beer mitten.  It’s a knitted mitten, that has a bottle cozy incorporated, no more cold hands when holding your beer!  It’s kind of genius, but it’s also knitted and alas, I have not been able to find a crochet pattern for it yet.

Let’s see, hubby got a present, kitties got a present, what is missing?  Oh yeah, ME!  No worries, I found some beautiful local yarn.

Maine Yarn

The company is Done Roving Yarns and they are located in Charlotte, Maine.  The colors are absolutely brilliant!  Elegant Ewe, is a merino/silk blend.  Kind of chunky, but super soft and the fuchsia and teal colorway had my name written all over it.  I’m still thinking what to do with it, but in the meantime my chief yarn snob is pretty happy with it.  This is Burrito and she only likes wool, no acrylic blends for her!

2014-09-08 20.18.05

Gussied up, which is the sparkly blue yarn, is a 100% wool with a metallic wrap, with 265 yards, more than enough to make a fancy scarf!  I found a pattern on for the California Spring Scarf.  The base is a fan pattern that works up quite quickly and has a picot edging.  I didn’t care for the edging so I used a shell instead.  I think it came out quite cute.

California Spring scarf

The metallic glitter is a wonderful touch and the yarn is quite scarf, I’m almost looking forward to cooler weather in order to show it off!